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July 8, 2010
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Just a doodle dump of some OCs and some couples from Transformers:D I had fun with this...and did it in my spare time when not out with the Grandparents:nod:

1)First up Kai...Kai basically lost his memories due to the stress on his system when Shogun blanked his memories and replaced them with fake ones:nod:Now Kai don't remember anything...not his children,not his crush and not even his own sensei and friends:noes:

2)Just Santuary in her Robot Mode known as Saintbella:D

3)It be Zutopia!!X3 Doeasn't he just look adorable...probably one of Dark's pictures of him?>w>

4)Taylor x Amala goodness!!8D Just Amala getting a smooch on the cheek and in shock,cause she be crushing on Taylor badly;p

5)Kol x Mattie cuteness!!X3 Just them probably lying in the shade of a tree at the park,curled with eachother and napping~:heart:

6)Drift x XLR8...this is an odd couple cause they both be cousins,but Mittie and me loved the idea of them being together so we is doing it!!X3 Just them saying they love eachother probably before bed~:love:

7)Chibi Darko x Heelie smooching~:heart:

8) Prowl x Maya cuteness!!X3 I just love Prowl's facial exspression funny!!83

9)Dancer being her goofy self;p

10)Blackneon x Sidesting love!!:dummy:Haven't drawn them two in forever...I blame my lack of art for this two from my partner in crime Rachel...=3=;;;;

11)Lastly Yangtze x Kutal in thier dragon alt modes!!:la:Kutal as you can see is preggy and Yangtze is just nuzzling him lovingly while he feels his loves stomach:aww:

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ShadowDemon101 Featured By Owner Jul 12, 2010
YAAAAAAAY DOODLE DUMP! :icondummywooplz:

:ohnoes: HE DUN RMEMEBER?! :cries: WRYYYYYYY?!?!
lol but Dancer is adorable as is Zuzu n Saintbella ;p

OHMYGOSH SidestingxBlackNeon HOW LONG AGO WAS THIS?! :love:
Though the Dragon!YangtzexDragon!Kutal is just AMAZING~:iconiloveitplz:
As is ElliexDrift and HeeliexDarko :love:

:iconinloveplz: MattiexKol Ooooooo~:heart:

:iconlegaspplz: OHMYGOSH que fainting Amala in THREE SECONDS! :lmao:
Daw but that's soooo adorable Amala's definitly oin cloud 9 now :giggle:

And oh gosh I love Prowl's face too! :giggle: Maya's such a sweetie giving him a peck :XD:
Hunter must be faaaaaar away then ;p xDDD
kiananuva12 Featured By Owner Jul 14, 2010
I need to do more no?;p

I shall exsplain later on why...for now all you know is Kai doesn't remember anything!!>8D
I don't know,I miss them and need to draw Cherri and Buck more!!DX> And its decided now BlackNeon and Optimus are Sidesting's eternal Spark-Mates!!>8D
I love that one the most~:love:

Though she would:XD:Though Taylor probably obliviouse to why she fainted...or is he?>w>;;;;
Amala on Cloud 9,you sooooo need to draw that!!XD
Yeah Hunter far away from them...83 Otherwise Prowl be a dead bot!!>XD
ShadowDemon101 Featured By Owner Jul 14, 2010
Yes :XD:

DAW you taking revenge aren't chu?! :shakefist:
Welcomes <///3
You do D: OHMYGOSH really?? 8D
It is amazing :heart:
Welcomes again ;p

Ooooo wait; maybe he does? O3O XDD
LOL eventually ;p
EXACTLY! XDDD ....ya know Tanith probably only joins Hunter cause it's an excuse to beat up someone, but exclude Hunter and I'd think they'd be fine friends; something I just thought of :giggle:
kiananuva12 Featured By Owner Jul 15, 2010
Yes really,I have decided fully that they all SparkMates now...and that means lots of sexy pictures with Optimus,Sidesting and BlackNeon~:heart:
Well thank you;p

Maybe?>w> I ain't telling though!!>8D
...intreseting very intreseting;pI just wanna draw a picture not of Prowl running from Hunter!!>XD
ShadowDemon101 Featured By Owner Jul 15, 2010
Meaner :C
......O//////w///////O :faint:
Welcomes ;p

RAWR wryyyyyyy?! >8C
Indeed :giggle: LOL YAY! :dummy:
....wait not of? o3o;;
kiananuva12 Featured By Owner Jul 15, 2010

Cause you torture me with secrets I torture you!!UwU
Opps typo error,I meant I want to draw a picture of Prowl running from Hunter!!^^;
ShadowDemon101 Featured By Owner Jul 15, 2010
Ohhhhhhhhh bad imagination.....!!! @/////w/////@;;;;;

I only did cause you gots more than me =3=;;
LOL oh OK YAY totally should do that ;p
kiananuva12 Featured By Owner Jul 15, 2010
They gonna be having tons of fun~:heart:

No I don't!!>3<;;;;
Okay then!!8D
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DragonAnimeParty Featured By Owner Jul 11, 2010   Digital Artist
So cute >W< But Kai dunse remember?! :O :iconnoeswooplz:
kiananuva12 Featured By Owner Jul 14, 2010
We shall see whats up soon!!:iconimhappyplz:
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